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The Practice of Bandha, Mudra, Asana & Pranayama with Chrissie Clarke-Fordham

Gain a deeper knowledge of these therapeutic practices, so often taught incorrectly without proper precautions and benefits. Hand-outs will be given on all subjects taught.

  • Saturday 25th November, 2018.

    Yoga Bodhi, Studio 1, 8a Bartlett Street, Bath BA1 2QZ

    This workshop will include the teaching of the three main bandhas and will include looking at all of the ailments associated with the three areas of contraction and how these practices can help (e.g. prolapse, incontinence or piles). It will be a practical workshop incorporating the bandhas with yoga asana to help locate the areas of contraction. You will learn what bandhas are, when they should be practised including precautions regarding health. You will learn the benefits of the above practices and how, if and when to introduce them in a yoga class. The workshop will consist of yoga preparation postures to help learn the three main practices in relation to the pelvic floor and basic anatomy of this area.

    The Hasta Mudras of Pranayama practice will conclude the day. Handouts will be given for all practices, some with illustrations.

    More information and to book ONLINE at www.yogabodhi.co.uk.

Weekly Classes

    Breathe, Stretch, Energise and Relax with Chrissie Clarke-Fordham, BWY diploma, International Yoga Fellowship diploma. Yoga therapist specialising in back problems, breathing techniques and stress release.

    Classes are intermediate so participants need to have been practising for two years. Any health problems or injuries should be discussed before enrolment.

  • Tuesday: 1.30 - 2.45 pm - Burwell

    Gardiners Memorial Hall High Street, Burwell, CB25 0HD - Find us on Google Maps

  • Wednesday: 7.30 - 9.00 pm - Cherry Hinton

    Cherry Hinton Infant School, High Street, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, CB1 9HH - Find us on Google Maps

Practical IST and CPD Courses

    Chrissie has run many training courses and teaching modules all around the country, including East England, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kent, Cardiff and Shropshire. All are delivered to an approved lesson plan with handouts and include practical and physical sessions. Courses include:

  • Teaching Hatha Yoga Sequences / Working Towards Classical Asanas.
  • The Practice and Teaching of Bandha and Mudra in a class situation.
  • Integrating the chakras with yoga practices, including Asana, Pranayama, Bandha and Mudra.
  • Teaching Meditation in a class situation (the different methods of Meditation).
  • Practice and Teaching of Pranayama, the therapeutic effects including some asana practice

One-to-one coaching

  • One-to-one yoga sessions available for people with specific problems, including: asthma, back problems and stress.

    Please contact Chrissie at chrissieclarke@ccfyoga.co.uk for details.

Yoga Holidays

  • Yoga holiday in Western Crete, 7 days on integrating the pranic system (chakras) with yoga practices.

    We are NOT currently offering this service.

e-mail: chrissieclarke@ccfyoga.co.uk